Pahlish Review, Oh How Disappointing

I want to preface this by saying that I hate doing bad reviews, especially for indie products. At this point, it has been a month since ordering and three weeks since receiving them. I took my time to see if things would be resolved before putting up a review.

I recently found/decided to buy some polishes from Pahlish. In the past, they have been popping up in various feeds for some time and the polish from May the Fourth caught my eye! I was so excited to get them and try them out, but that's as far as my excitement went. As soon as they came in, I immediately unwrapped them and inspected! I had yet to see swatches so I was ready to be amazed. Unfortunately, all three have cracks in the bottles and are unusable. I spoke to the maker and she was first willing to replace but then decided not to (she believes they are seams from bottle manufacturing). I don't feel they are seams as they don't go from top to bottom, so I am choosing to not use them or even touch them further for fear of them bursting. They are in baggies until I decide what to do. 

Overall, the colors are gorgeous. If you are curious, they are Sailing the Hispaniola, Looks & Letters (Bespoke), and That's No Moon. I will not be purchasing again as I was unable to use any of these. I was more excited for these three than the others I had purchased recently, and the customer service let me down so much. I know plenty of people that have had wonderful experiences with Pahlish, so I'm sure mine was just a random bad one that just didn't work out, but it was enough to make me not buy again. Please let me know if you had any experiences with Pahlish and as always, let me know of any indie brands that I need to try out!

Kiersten Faythe
Kiersten Faythe

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  1. Bad bottles or not, if you are not happy they should try to remedy that. Bad customer service speaks volumes. I had heard of them before and until now had planned to give them a ago. Thank you for saving me a possible headache.


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