Notoriously Morbid A Murder of Crows Review

I'm running a bit late on this, but I wanted to do a quick brag on Notoriously Morbid. The 'A Murder of Crows' line came out quite some time ago (Black Friday 2014) but was made permanent, so I took the opportunity to grab it up along with some extras I have been wanting recently.

Without flash.

Battalions of Sorrow - A dusty white rose with subtle shimmer in semi matte finish.

Nothing is Trivial - A light wash of golden illumination in a metallic finish.

Degrees of Death and Virtue - This shadow is a blackened teal with green and blue shimmers.

Thirty Hours of Pain - A deep, smoky plum with scattered red shimmer in a semi matte finish.

It Can't Rain All the Time - An iris purple with green hue and teal blue shift.

With flash.


All five of these are absolutely gorgeous. The shift on It Can't Rain is especially amazing. All five can be used individually or in a multi-color use. My favorite? Thirty Hours of Pain. Purples always catch my eye and this one is a great almost matte shadow. All five are still available and they can be ordered in the four options offered by Notoriously Morbid (sample, mini, full, and deluxe). I chose the mini option, mostly because I have so many products that it seems like I'll never get through them all! As always, let me know what you thought of this in the comments!

Kiersten Faythe
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