Mystic Muse Monthly - January 2015

Mystic Muse has started putting out a monthly box that has exclusives to the box only! Each month will have two full-sized polishes as well as extras. It is $24.00 per month, which is pretty great considering you get an exclusive code for free shipping ALL OF THE TIME!! Another added bonus is that every sixth consecutive box is free, so it's definitely worth the money to keep going with it. You can sign up between the first and 15th of every month, with shipping occurring on the 18th. 

I was so happy to be able to get their first box, so here's the review!

It shipped in a hot pink box, so it was an instant win with me.

They take care of their customers and make sure that everything is packed quite well. I've never ordered from them before this, but I assume they take care of all of their shipments!

After you take out the packing, it's so gorgeous. I love when the time is taken to make things look like a present!

This is how they present your shipping code, and I love the personalization!

Theme card and information.

Even after all of the extra padding and shipping materials, the polishes are still wrapped again! I love how secure everything feels and looks.

Valentina, a red jelly with a slight sparkle. I'm not a huge fan of reds/pinks, but I expected those since it's around Valentine's day. It applied well, even though it is a jelly, and I was able to get good coverage after two thin coats.

Red Hot, a pink, red, and lavender glitter top coat. This wasn't super messy like some glitters are and it would be great as a top coat or in a jelly sandwich.

All About The Base, their new base coat. It works quite well and kept both my Mystic Muse mani and another brand mani on for much longer than my drugstore base coats I've used. I like that they are trying out new products in their box, so we get to play first!

My mani using all three products. Everything went on nicely and this would make a great Valentine's mani.

Overall, I loved Mystic Muse's first monthly box. I think everything went together nicely and I know my husband was appreciative of the candy they included! If you want to try this out for February, be sure to sign up before 15th! They use PayPal for it, so make sure you have a PayPal set up!

This post was very picture heavy, but I wanted to show off all of the parts and how much effort they put into their boxes. Subsequent posts will not be as heavy on pictures!

Kiersten Faythe
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