Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Howling Boutique's Supermoon Lacquer - Star Cloud

The Howling Boutique, a nail polish jewelry shop, has now created a nail polish line named Supermoon Lacquer. Get it, Howling, Supermoon? It's all a thing! I finally have the Ready to Launch Collection to show you guys and have a brand new Macro Lens Set to use, which means I'll be Macro-ing all the things! The full Ready to Launch collection (9 polishes) is available for a discounted $85 or each polish is available for $9-$10.  Check out other The Howling Boutique's Supermoon Lacquer reviews here!

I will have the polishes each getting their own review. I just want to make sure each polish gets the appropriate attention! Here is Star Cloud

It's the end of my Ready to Launch reviews! I know, it's taken me a while. I'll be able to talk about what's been going on in a few months, but know that life happens and life has been happening around here.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Pretty & Polished Beauty Box - October 2016 + Coupon!

What is Pretty and Polished?: Pretty and Polished is an indie nail polish brand that also sells bath & body products, nail vinyls, and this Beauty Box! This is a box that you get to choose which months you want to get, rather than a subscription that you have to cancel or skip. Just remember to buy it each month if you want to continue! You buy before the end of the month to get the next month's box, meaning you have until the end of July to get the August box.

How Much is Pretty and Polished Beauty Box?: Pretty and Polished Beauty Box is only $22.00/month including shipping. You can buy for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months at a time, and the boxes start getting cheaper at 6 months! 

Make sure to use 'rambling10' to get your discount on your Pretty and Polished orders!

If you want to see other reviews of Pretty & Polished polishes, click here!

Guys, I was so excited to see what Pretty and Polished would bring for Halloween after the bloody polish from last year. An extra includes a Mani Melt in S'More or Candy Corn (mine is the latter and is so good), a discount code, and candy!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lip Monthly - August 2016 + Coupon Code!

What is Lip Monthly?: Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription bag that focuses on lip products, bringing you the best lip products every month! Each bag guarantees a $35-$55 value with 4-5 products. Sometimes there will even be a non-lip product included!

How Much is Lip Monthly?: Lip Monthly is $12.95/month, and does get cheaper with longer subscriptions. The bag ships free worldwide, so no worries if you are international!

You can get 50% off your first bag with 50OFF or get three months free with an annual subscription, using code 3FREE.

Check out past reviews of Lip Monthly here!

I admit, I looked at spoilers for this bag. Eek!

I'm not sure how I feel about this bag. I like the colors but the pattern just screams 'no.' Maybe for a month earlier in the year, maybe I'm just being weird.